Recounting Days of Glory: Plains Indian Warrior Art – James Keyser at Pictograph State Park

James Keyser grew up on western Montana’s Flathead Indian Reservation where he saw his first pictograph site in 1959. Fifteen years later as a University of Montana graduate student he conducted his first rock art research project that ultimately led to a position doing the initial intensive documentation of Writing-On-Stone, the Northwestern Plains’ premier rock art site complex. Since that 1977 project he has completed research on more than 30 rock art sites and site complexes from Alaska to Italy. Keyser has authored more than 125 publications and seven books on rock art. In this presentation Keyser will describe the three primary media of the Plains Indian artists and the importance each has in terms of providing a deeper understanding and interpretation of Plains biographic rock art than is typical for rock art of other area of North America.

Saturday, June 27 from 1pm to 2 pm. For More information, call Jarret Kostrba, 406-254-7342