• Clark's Camp History

    Clark’s Canoe Camp has Smithsonian #24ST0720

    Montana is enriched with the history of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and Our Montana is committed to ensure that history is documented and its stories are told. The newest chapter is the assignment of a Smithsonian number for the campsite where Captain Clark and the Corps camped and constructed

  • Bozeman Trail History

    The Bozeman Trail

    Mike and Howard spent three nights in a tiny camper trailer as they trekked across the Crow Indian reservation in search of traces of the 1860's Bozeman Trail.

  • image001-700x525 History

    1873 Northern Pacific Railroad Survey

    Funded by a grant from National Park Service, Our Montana board members, Howard Boggess, Mike Penfold as well as Dave Eckroth recently completed a ten year extensive study of the Northern Pacific Railroad survey of 1873.